New Deck Interview: Light Visions Tarot

New Deck Interview: Light Visions Tarot

I recently backed the limited edition Light Visions Tarot on Kickstarter, and I figured the solstice was as good a time as any to get to know it.

The wooden box is really nice, as are the cards; they’re very thick and nice quality. I’d seen all the card faces on the Kickstarter, but they’re somehow more visceral and a touch more unsettling in person (at least for a few. I do not like the Hanged Man, he gives me the heebie jeebies.) It does not, unfortunately, come with a Little White Book, or a Little White PDF, though the info states it’s based on the traditional Rider-Waite symbolism. I’m using the new deck interview spread, passed to me by Naomi (thanks!). Here we go!

1. Most important characteristic: Six of Wands.
Six staves making a tent-like structure in a boat, carrying a woman and flowers, with light on the horizon.
The RW meaning is victory, recognition, and energy, but this card feels more serene and contemplative. There’s a sense of movement and progression.

2. Strengths: Nine of Chalices.
Man on a bench with an arch of chalices hovering overhead.
RW says emotional fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, and camaraderie. Again, this card feels more serene; contentment and enjoying the moment.

3. Limits: the Empress.
A woman hovering in a starry sky over a field of wheat (wearing a dress dissolving into the wind, that honestly looks comprised of beans.)
This card is all about fertility and creation; it initially strikes me as an odd card for limitations or weaknesses, but I guess this isn’t the deck to consult when I’ve hit a creative wall.

4. Lessons: the High Priestess.
A waning crescent moon with a tree before it; bare legs walking through water, with pomegranates floating in her wake.
Another straightforward card- acquiring knowledge, especially that pertaining to choices and decision making.

5. How to learn and collaborate: Eight of Swords.
An unhappy woman behind a fence of swords.
This card is about facing fears, and my only trap is my own stagnancy.

6. Potential outcome of working relationship: Death.
A skeletal hand holds a blooming rose, which is spewing forth more of those weird bean-looking things. In this context they are giving me black maggot feels, which ugh.
Just what it says on the tin: endings, transformation, and a period of mourning.

I’ve added a seventh question, because I like knowing whether a particular divination set will be good for communicating with any of the Gods/Spirits/Dead that I work with.

7. Any entities: the Hanged Man.
A body floating in the waves, head hidden; encircled with piranhas.
The hanged man is sacrifice, selflessness, prophecy, inner worlds and knowledge, and a complete change of perspective and understanding. It all feels rather Dionysian to me, but I’ll do other divination to confirm.

And finally, as always, I check the bottom of the deck: the World.
A peacock and a big cat (maybe a lion but it doesn’t feel like a lion) swirl outwards from each other, amidst stars, flowers, leaves, a snake, piranhas, a dove, a man’s arm, and more bean-maggots, along with the sun and a waxing crescent. So, hey, madness it is.

So overall, I have a deck that will force me out of my comfort zone, make me find the knowledge I need to make the choices I must, keep me moving forward even when things come to their natural end, and teach me to find the moment and enjoy it. It’s certainly going to be interesting.

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