Observances & Offerings: January 2014

Observances & Offerings: January 2014

Upcoming Observances/Offerings:

31 December: The Last Night- I’ll be doing some purification of myself and my living space, as well as execrating some shit I don’t want to carry with me into the New Year. I may begin the purification a day early, actually, just because there’s so much gunk to get through.

1 January: The First Day- there will be divination for the coming year, and some sigil/spellwork to help me stay on the right track and encourage certain things in my life. It is also Justine’s Day, so I will make cookies or cupcakes and ‘send’ her a birthday card. There will also be bread.

2 January: Richard’s Night. Appropriate comfort food would be biscuits & gravy. I’ll send him a note, too. I don’t have anywhere on my temporary BD shrine for flowers yet, unfortunately.

3 January: The TC Cill’s 7th birthday, so I’ll be Keeping. I expect I’ll start working on my cross for the exchange.

12 January: Richard’s Day & Jeanne’s Day. More birthday cake and cards.

13 January: My regular cill shift- I’ll work on finishing my cross (and last year’s cross) if I haven’t already. Other shift work will involve cleaning and/or writing.

15 January: Heb Djehuty- January is Djehuty’s month, being the beginning of the modern calendar. Aside from my monthly Kiva donation, I’ll be working on Djehuty’s mask, and I’m not sure what else. I feel like I should cook something, but I’m not sure what, just yet. Maybe that fig bar recipe I still haven’t tried.

18 January: Dorothy’s Day- birthday cake and a card.

19 Peret 2: (20 January) Offering to Djehuty; for the billionth time, I am attempting to create a regular offering cycle for each of the Twelve. Brighid’s is, of course, my cill shift, but the others have been a little harder to pin down. I think my last attempt was to stick to the 20-day cill cycle and put all twelve in those twenty days, which of course was an utterly ridiculous idea. Burn out central. Starting in his month, I’ll be making a small offering to Djehuty on the 19th of every (Kemetic) month. (I don’t think I’ve said it here since I decided, but I’ve thrown in the towel on placing the Kemetic calendar based on my own sighting of Sirius; I’m using Kiya’s Fixed Calendar to preserve my own sanity, and because community.) Said offering will likely be reading and note-taking on one of my many half- or unread Kemetic books, because it’s hard to figure out the Work if your foundational reading is shoddy and full of holes. (This is going to be a year of READ ALL THE THINGS, I suspect.)

So! That’s what my month looks like. I suppose I’ll pop in again around the 16th and outline the first two weeks of February and comment on how the first two weeks of January went. Yay for public accountability, or something?

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