Introducing: Red Ink, Black Tea

Introducing: Red Ink, Black Tea

I’ve made several attempts at keeping devotional shrines integrated on my blog; first at my main blog as a series of posts amidst the rest of my meandering thoughts, and then here as a few more structured pages. I’ve decided, however, that I want the room and flexibility of separate blogs, which also allows me (more easily) to have guest contributors and other shrine tenders. For now, I only have Djehuty’s shrine, though Brighid’s will be coming as soon as I pick out a name. So for now, let me introduce Red Ink, Black Tea: a Djehuty shrine!

I’m very excited to get it off the ground! I’ll be updating it on the 19th of every (Kemetic) month, as well as when inspiration strikes. Wish me luck!

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