O&O: March 2014

O&O: March 2014

First we’ll tackle the February wrap-up: Imbolc I covered in my last post. My shift on the 2nd was filled with weaving, which was amazing. Anthesteria did not go as planned, unfortunately- I felt entirely disconnected and out of sync. I will try again next year, preferably with more preparation, and if it continues to not mesh then it’ll leave the calendar. The 15th was Féile Brighid and Laura’s Night; I made cookies for Laura, donated on Kiva to a woman buying more cows and sheep to support her family, and got Brighid’s temporary shrine page up. (It needs a name, and then it will become a separate blog as Djehuty’s did.) I also finished my scarf, except for the de-looming bit. Absent’s Night on the 16th did not pass by unmarked, precisely- I lit a candle and thought about her, but I didn’t cook anything, and had no idea what to cook. Opening Night on the 18th, I did a good amount of writing, though not as much as I wanted. Djehuty’s offering on the 19th, I got the separate shrine up and updated. My second cill shift of the month was on the 22nd, and I slept through almost the entire thing. (Last days before my depo shot = miserable Juni.) I am not precisely happy, but I’m not kicking myself, either.

Overall: not a great month, and mostly because of my own failure to prepare. Boo.

Onto March! [insert something about how every day/week/month is a fresh start, or something?]

3-4 March: Carnival. I have done approximately zero prep work, and have basically no idea what I want to do aside from make crepes. Bad Juni, no cookie. (In theory I could throw something together this weekend, and may try, but.)

14 March: Cill shift. I will be on a plane to Minnesota that afternoon, (I realized that I mixed up my days- I’m flying out on the 13th. ) so I expect the work of my shift will consist of yarn. Crocheting, yarn store, more crocheting. I may see if I have a battery operated candle, at least, as I don’t yet have a decent flame representation I like. …Though I will hopefully have my mask and fascinator done for the ball the next night, so maybe I could set them up on my dresser or something. Hm.

15 March: Eortì Dionysos. So as previously mentioned, each month in my calendar “belongs” to one of my twelve. These associations are almost completely mine/arbitrary. (The Celtic ones sort of have precedent, sometimes.) March, for me, is Dionysos’ month. It is a month in-between, with frustrating longing for spring, when the stir-craziness of winter really sets in. It is also the month of the thinly-veiled excuse to get smashed, aka St. Paddy’s Day, and though the phrase March Madness is mostly associated with sports, from what I can tell, I strongly associate it with the March Hare, one of several Alice in Wonderland characters who makes some real sense in all the nonsense. Anyway: I will be at Paganicon, and it will be the night of the ball, so there will be some drinking. I’ll make my Kiva donation. I’m not sure how else I want to mark the day, aside from enjoying the general out-of-routineness of con.

15 Elaphebolion: (17 March) Dikhomenia. I don’t know who the Athenians might have honored on the full moon, but the lunacy of the full moon makes it a good day (night?) for a regular offering to Dionysos as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be getting home from con, so it’ll likely be not a huge thing: wine, putting together a temporary shrine page here if I haven’t come up with a name for his separate one.

20 March: Not technically on my observance calendar for the year, but it’s the equinox, so I will likely be involved with Group Keeping with the cill, (the usual- writing, cleaning, crocheting?) and possibly something else? I don’t know?

19 Peret 4: (21 March) Offering to Djehuty; I’ll update Red Ink, Black Tea, maybe finally get around to starting his mask, or at least the base for it. Read.

Fairly light month. Should, in theory, be entirely do-able, though I admit some apprehension- between traveling for con, returning to a two-course term, and looking for a part time job, it’s not going to be short on stress. I will cross my fingers and try to take it a day at a time.

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