O&O: April 2014

O&O: April 2014

March wrap up! So, I skipped Carnival, which as I mentioned in my calendar posts, is okay. My cill shift away at con was different than my usual shifts- I had no living flame, only my amber ring, and I kept forgetting to go up and get it- but I also had this feeling that I was doing the right work with everyone, stitching my life together, as it were, and the ring was just a bonus. Eortì Dionysos, well. I made no particular offering, though I did drink a little, and danced some at the ball. I did listen to a dream the night before (by talking it out with Veggie, Nykti, and Net), faced my problems with alcohol head on, and bought an amethyst necklace I think I am meant to wear on his days. I did nothing for Dikhomenia except swear at having a flight on his day, and wear his pendant. And also fantasizing about ripping a few annoying and/or thoroughly incompetent people into pieces. My second cill shift on the equinox was at home, and I spent it in recovery mode- aside from my living flame, I did nothing but rest and sleep. On Djehuty’s offering day (which I’d really love to name, but augh, names) I updated his offering blog, but I didn’t have much else spare energy- my schoolwork, which is dedicated to him, has been eating my brain since I returned from con.

Overall: it was indeed a light month, and I don’t feel badly about any of it, but between travel-funk and school overload, none of it really made me feel… imbued with a particular sense of piety, either. It’s a step in the right direction, admittedly, but it feels like a frustratingly small one.

Onto April!

1 April: Chavi’s Night. As is TC tradition, my avatar will don a silly hat, and I will keep a candle lit for at least a few hours in her honor, as well as Elspeth’s and Absent’s.

3 April: Cill shift. Weaving, likely, and cleaning. Poking at my again-dormant writing. Trying to name Brighid’s online shrine so I can get it running.

7 April: Offering to the Beloved & Nameless Dead. I’ll do genealogy work, offer cool water, and maybe pick up some more frames for Beloved Dead photos.

15 April: (Also 15 Mounichion.) Heb Hetharu, and Dikhomenia. My usual Kiva donation; I will continue trying to name Dionysos’ shrine, and now try to name Hetharu’s. I feel like there should be flowers and music and dancing, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy for the lattermost. I may also order a bottle of Stinger, for future offering purposes. None of this feels quite enough, but I am currently so low on brain I’m not sure what would make it better, right now.

16 April: Jeanne’s Night. A great-aunt of mine who I never knew, really, so I’ll be lighting a candle and offering cool water.

19 April: Elspeth’s Night. Again, a candle and cool water. Like Chavi, I was lucky enough to know her on TC, but never well.

20 April: Offering to Djehuty. Aside from updating his offering blog, I suspect my homework will be the primary offering, as it’ll be nearly the end of the term. I’d also like to get or make some sort of icon to attach to my monitor, to help me stay mindful.

23 April: Cill shift. Cleaning, weaving, hopefully writing.

27 April: Jubilee of Nut (whom I syncretize with Hetharu.) The monthly Jubilee will be Hetharu’s offering day; hopefully by this point I will have an online shrine set up to update, but if not, I’ll be working on the name. I think music and general happy self care will be the rest of the agenda.

27-30 April: Féile Déithe; technically this four day festival is not on my calednar for the year, per my two recent calendar posts. I’ll be making an effort to read one of my Celtic texts during this period, and thinking about what sort of things I might want to do to mark the days next year.

There’s a bit more this month than in March, and I am less sure of how I want to mark it; with my current mental state/energy levels (it was a rough weekend) just thinking of this stuff has worn me out. We’ll see how it goes. One baby step at a time (as Veggie would say!)

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