O&O: June 2014

O&O: June 2014

I missed doing this for May, and I’m not going to try to reach through the depression brain-fog that was last month to do a wrap-up of April. So here’s June, starting with today!

4 June: Offering to the Dagda. Since I’ve set up my hearth, I’ve been doing fire and water offerings with much better regularity, so it will likely consist of that, tuning my harp (since I finally located the spare strings and tuner!), as well as cooking large quantities of soup.

6 June: Offering to the Beloved & Nameless Dead. Fire and water, work on the family tree, and do some thinking about how I want to represent them on my hearth. I may also do some brainstorming on Wagy, which is the first of the Dead festivals this year, and is approaching fast.

13 June: (15 Skirophorion) Offering to Set- I’m not beginning my regular offerings to him until October, but it’s Friday the 13th, so. I will likely keep it simple with fire and water. It’s also Dikhomenia, so fire and water for Dionysos, and I’m not sure what else. One of my overdue Mental Healing posts would be appropriate.

15 June: Eortì Hermes and Father’s Day. (Technically the latter is not on my religious calendar, but I may do something anyway.) Offering of fire and water, Kiva donation; I may do some magic for money, and luck getting a job. I’ll also set aside some time to work on my etsy shop-to-be.

19 June: Offering to Djehuty- fire and water, working on Wagy, working on his mask, posting on his shrine.

21 June: Ray’s Night. Fire and water, family tree stuff; I’m not sure what else. Maybe a particularly messy hands-on project.

22 June: Cill shift. Fire and water, cleaning, weaving, writing.

24 June: (24 Shomu 3) Jubilee- fire and water for Hetharu, spend some time on beauty/pampering (doing my nails, a clay face mask, etc.), dance around like an idiot to some music.

That’s the month! I’m feeling surprisingly positive about it- I know having my hearth set up has done me a world of good. Now I just have to get all the rest done!

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