Blog Updates

Blog Updates

I’ve been doing a little housecleaning here on the blog the past few days. I’ve moved some page links to the sidebar for more room, namely because I’ve added two new pages/sections. The first is a reading list, which at the moment has only two books that have been added to my Amazon wishlist in the past few days. One of my projects this year is cataloging all the books I own on LibraryThing, and organizing my wishlists, so it will probably be updated in spurts. I also intend to add why the item got added to the list and/or who recommended it to me.

The other section is my festival calendar; as mentioned in my March TCBP posts, it’s been stripped down and I’m building it back up over time. I decided to post it here in one spot, instead of just having it spread out across my Observances & Offerings posts. I’ve been struggling to articulate why I wanted to share it, exactly, or why I spent three hours installing and uninstalling plugins to find one that would let me show today’s date in all three calendars. I know that I enjoy reading about other people’s calendars, for one thing. Sometimes they inspire me; very often they tell me what a person prioritizes, at least in ideals if not in practice. (I think it’s at least more revealing than a list of deities, because interpretation, so subjective.)

Anyway! They are new things that I will continue to poke at, though I will not likely mention them a lot in the blog proper unless I do something big with them. Now, to do the O&O post I meant to do yesterday…

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    • Heh, I was just updating the credits page. :) I’m using the Scheduled Announcements Widget plugin by Nikki Blight. It’s not designed for what I’m doing, but I can set an “announcement” to show for scheduled day, and I put the info in it I want. So I have to make an individual announcement for each day, but I’m used to periodic tedious calendar entry (I update both the calendars for TC’s Cill shift every 20 days) so I already have a method to make it seem faster.

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