O&O: July 2014

O&O: July 2014

I’m a little bit behind- I should have done this yesterday! Better late than never.

So, to look back on June! I started off poorly- I only offered fire & water to the Dagda. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t bother tuning my harp, and I utterly failed to plan properly so I didn’t have the ingredients for soup. Similarly, I only managed fire & water on the 6th, though my annoyance with my shrine did kick up and foment the post I made the other day. Still, not what I wanted to accomplish. I spent the 13th running around doing errands, and only had the energy and time for fire & water to Set and Dionysos. (I’m seeing a pattern here.) And my poor time management with regard to my schoolwork meant I only did my Kiva donation and fire & water on the 15th. (Though I did say a prayer to Hermes to help me BS my way through the math paper I was writing!) I did better on the 19th- offered fire & water to Djehuty, and actually did some research on Wagy. I didn’t post on his shrine; I’d intended to, but I’ve been rolling around the fact that I didn’t want them to just be miscellaneous posts on their offering days, I wanted them to be a resource to learn about the deity in question. Of course I’ve not much to offer in the way of resources, at the moment. At any rate, I feel like kicking myself over minor content is not helpful. I also got the impetus to do daily devotions, and some ideas on where to take that to avoid burnout and rote-ness. Mask work is being put off until I finish cleaning. I somehow completely missed my grandfather’s Night on the 21st (I also failed to realize it was the solstice until it was over) which I am very unhappy with myself over. My cill shift I cleaned (along with fire & water offerings), and though I didn’t have the spoons to do much on the Jubilee, I did manage fire & water, and painting my nails gold.

I am… I have mixed feelings about the month. I did better than I did in May. I am managing actual fire & water offerings instead of just mindfulness. But they do feel a little token- but on the other hand, building them as a habit is a good start, and I can add to it. As always, I can improve. I can do better.

Onto July! (How in the seven hells is it July already??)

2 July: (4 Hekatombaion) Offering to Hermes. Fire & water, and I’m going to sit my ass down and do some weaving, as I haven’t touched my Lichtfaden scarf in too long, and I can’t make another scarf for my future shop until this one is off the loom.

4 July: Offering to the Dagda. Fire & water, and tuning my goddamned harp. (I should be doing that every day, honestly.) I will also plan to make a large batch of oatmeal, and hopefully soup if I can.

6 July: (6 Shomu 4) Offering to the Beloved & Nameless Dead. Fire & water, and hopefully ordering two of those honeycomb shelves! I’d also like to continue my Dead observance holyday research with Samhain.

7 July: Offering to Seshat. As July is Seshat’s month, I’ll be beginning her monthly offerings. If I can manage to have all my books unpacked by then, I’ll spend some time working on my LibraryThing cataloging; if not, I may spend some time listing the many, many BookMooch books I have for trade.

12 July: Cill shift. Fire & water, cleaning, and weaving, damnit. And hopefully writing.

13 July: (15 Hekatombaion) Dikhomenia. Fire & water, I have utterly no idea what else. None of my previous ideas have really clicked. …maybe a TV marathon, to work on my oracle deck? That’s a possibility.

15 July: Heb Seshat. Fire & water, Kiva donation… I don’t know what else, honestly. I’ll have to give this more thought.

19 July: Offering to Djehuty. Fire & water, and more reading. I’m currently working on “Greek & Roman Necromancy” but if I’ve finished that by this time I’ll probably take another stab at “My Heart My Mother”. Also continuing to work on my calendar and Dead festivals, if I haven’t already finished researching/updating about Samhain, Veteran’s Day, and the Seven Suppers.

23 July: Jubilee. Fire & water, self-care/beauty pampering of whatever sort suits me, and whatever else makes me happy that day.

25-27 July: (27-29 Hekatombaion) Greater Panathenaea. Technically this holyday is not on my calendar for the year, as it’s not a festival for the dead; however, I made a commitment on Khalkeia last year, before my calendar change-up, that I would finish this crochet blanket and offer it to Athene at the Panathenaea. I suspect I will offer fire & water, offer the finished blanket, and maybe spend some time weaving.

31 July: (4 Metageitnion) Offering to Hermes. Fire & water, and I’m not sure what else, right now. It depends on how I progress on my current scarf; though I may spend some time working on my plans for a little bracelet sized loom.

It’s getting busier every month! Hopefully I can keep up.

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