Little Lending Library Experiment

Little Lending Library Experiment

I’m embarking on a little experiment! In order to make my collection of books more useful, I’ve started a Little Lending Library, linked in my sidebar, where people can borrow books I own! I mail it, you read it, you mail it back. Very simple.

I’m sure my collection of religious and woo related books doesn’t hold a candle to those of others; and at the moment, the list on my little library page is super short, because I need to go through my books and see what I actually have. But! It’s a start and I’m very excited about it.

If you like the idea and would like to start your own Little Library, let me know and I will happily link it! The more books, the better, right?

(On the technical/nitty-gritty details side, I’m personally happy to mail anywhere, as long as you’re willing to mail it back; I will always use the cheapest shipping option available (which in the USA is Media Mail) so it may take some time in transit. I also ask that books stay out no longer than six months at a time to any particular person.)

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