(Not So) New Deck Interview: Shadowscapes Tarot

(Not So) New Deck Interview: Shadowscapes Tarot

I’ve had this deck for quite a while now, and I’ve been meaning to do the new deck interview with it since I heard of the spread, and just keep not getting around to it. With the arrival of my newest deck, the Tarot of Delphi, I figured I’d finally stop procrastinating and do the interviews for Shadowscapes today, and my Fantod deck tomorrow.

I don’t recall whether the deck always comes with the companion book or not; mine was a large boxed set. I also have the art book for the Majors, showing the cards in more detail, and one of these days I’ll pick up the Minors book as well. Some people who received the Shadowscapes deck were not impressed with the card quality, but mine are fantastic; the cardstock is a little on the thin side but not flimsy, the images are clear, the printing/cutting was properly aligned, etc. As a fan of Pui-Mun Law’s work for a long time, some detail is lost when you shrink her work down this small- but she packs a lot of detail and color work into such a small space that I don’t have any trouble.

The Shadowscapes deck has been my standard “go-to” deck since I acquired it, and I find it very intuitive and approachable.

1. Most important characteristic: the Sun.
A man on bird-back, surrounded by many other birds, looks up at the bright, golden sun. This deck screams optimism, enlightenment, and confidence.

2. Strengths: Knight of Wands.
A mounted solider holds a spear, with foxes running underfoot. There’s progression and confidence here, though the presence of the knight sometimes instigates conflict unintentionally. This is a really interesting card in this place, and is making me think about the fact that I typically only read when I feel a strong need to or when I’m asked; I’ve never been comfortable with the card-a-day draws since I’ve had this deck, and I wonder if this is why.

3. Limits: Three of Cups.
Three mermaids bearing chalices swim together. This card is all about celebration, community, and friendship. I can’t say I’m all that surprised; I’ve never really used these cards to figure out how to reach out and deal with my socialization problems. It has from time to time indicated that it’s something I need to work on, but has always been a little less specific on the how.

4. Lessons: the Emperor.
A horned emperor stands before a stone wall, surrounded by growing branches but not rooted. This card is about authority, leadership, and human creation. I am honestly not sure what to make of this.

5. How to learn & collaborate: Nine of Pentacles.
A woman plays a piano, through which a tree is growing; a stained glass pentacle lives in its branches. This card is about the balance of the material and spiritual, and the recognition of the skills and power one already possesses.

6. Potential outcome of working relationship: Knight of Cups.
(Interestingly, my “significator” in this deck is usually the Page of Cups.) A man mounted on a unicorn rides across the waves towards a golden chalice. This card is about purity of heart, following intuition, idealism, and perfection. I think this is primarily about my pessimistic/depressive tendencies, really.

My additions:

7. Any entities: Ace of Cups.
Golden fish and fairies swim around a chalice. This card embodies emotional potential and the spirits of the sea; given my longstanding personal… poetry, I suppose, about the forest and the sea in my heart, I think that this deck is not a channel to any particular entity outside my own subconscious.

Bottom of the deck: Four of Wands.
Kierun and fairies leap through a sunny field of roses. Two sentences from the description jump out at me: “Take a moment to breathe and enjoy, but be prepared to continue with the work that has achieved this point,” and “Let go of limitations, and embrace the freedom being offered.” A continual reminder from this deck, in one way or another!

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