A Little Quiet

A Little Quiet

Things have been a little quiet around here, despite my intentions. There are a few reasons- I’ve been in the middle of a class I detest, I just got back from a long weekend in Maryland, I’ve not been in a great spot mental health-wise, and I’ve been on a sort of unofficial hiatus from TC. I’m seeing a doctor to deal with point #3 on the 9th, and point #4 might sound drama-laden but is really just my need to, well, reassess my needs.

I have a list of posts I’ve been meaning to write. I’ve been wanting to go through the different values in my cultural values post (along with a few others I thought of since then) and post about them individually- going back over what they mean historically, but also how to live them in my modern life, what deities I think hold them in particular esteem, etcetera. I have a few false starts saved in my drafts, but mostly I just haven’t quite had the spoons.

So, cross you fingers for me that my appointment goes well, and hopefully with meds I’ll have a few more spoons in the coming weeks to get all the things done that I want to!

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