Carnival Dionysia and NaNoWriMo

Carnival Dionysia and NaNoWriMo

The months of the Carnival Dionysia have begun- almost a week ago, now. I’ve been poking intermittently at it, but I’m still not sure what my work is, here. I’ve also been distracted with my new classes and preparing for NaNo, so I haven’t done as much thinking on it as I’d like. I do know that I want to work on my divination skills, and do more work on my WIP deck(s). I also want to step up my writing; I don’t think of Dionysos as a patron of writers specifically, but his ancient connections to theater make me feel like it’s still an appropriate association. I may also try another batch of mead, specifically for him, when I get back from my trip to Florida. (Possibly to be opened at Anthesteria? I’m not sure if it’s enough time. Hmm.)

Speaking of NaNo. In a recent thread on TC, Jack mentioned NaNo in a religious sense, a longstanding tradition of his, and very appropriate for his work as a fictional recon. I read it shortly after he posted and thought to myself “that is awesome” but as I am not a fictional recon, or really a pop culture pagan in any particular sense, I didn’t think about it much beyond that. It’s been poking at me ever since, though, and then came to the dawning realization that I’m an idiot. I honor several authors among my dead as patrons; I honor the Muses; I honor several deities involved with creativity, inspiration, writing, skill, and work. It is entirely appropriate for me to treat NaNo as a religious tradition, potentially even a religious obligation. So I’m poking at making some kind of offering at the start and end, and maybe at the end of each week. Seeing as the madness starts in just over six hours, I should probably poke a little faster!

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    • Thanks, for the lightbulb and the luck! As usual, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do offering-wise aside from putting together a small shrine and lighting a candle, but I guess I’ll figure it out as I go. Hopefully.

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