New Deck Interview: Tough Shit Tarot (Repost)

New Deck Interview: Tough Shit Tarot (Repost)

(This was originally posted on 12/21/14, but thanks to a minor hiccup with the tail-end of my domain and hosting transfer, it got lost.)

I backed the Tough Shit Tarot on Kickstarter, and while it wasn’t successful, they decided to go ahead and make it anyway. I’ll be using the new deck interview spread.

The deck’s name is misleading- it’s actually a 33 card oracle deck. (As the creators mentioned, “Tough Shit Oracle” just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely.) The cards are fairly standard playing card sized, and are very nice quality. The box is pretty standard cardboard, and I have a feeling it’s not going to hold up well to long term use- it’s already starting to separate on one side- but it does the job for now. The card faces have no imagery at all; they merely state the name of the card and the meaning, which eliminates the need for a LWB.


1. Most important characteristic: Creeper.
The bluntness of this deck is right there in the name; the tone is definitely not for everyone, and this is absolutely a deck that may tell me things I don’t want to hear.

2. Strengths: Grab A Juice-box And Then Take A Nap.
This deck will make you deal with your shit- but part of that means being aware of yourself and your needs, and taking care of them, before tackling the big stuff.

3. Limits: Pork Chop In A Synagogue.
I think this is probably not the deck to ask about relationship issues, unless they are truly dire.

4. Lessons: Stop Your Whining.
(I did say this deck was blunt. Christ.) Actually, the meaning is less, erm, mean than the title implies; this card, and this deck, are to remind me to be actively grateful for the blessings I have.

5. How to learn & collaborate: Shit Happens.
(Amusingly, this was my Grandpa Ray’s life motto. I have a photo of him wearing this on a tshirt, and it was part of my eulogy for him, which made everyone laugh.) This is a reminder that I am a serious control freak about some things, and I will learn better if I figure out how to let go of that.

6. Potential outcome of working relationship: Tuck And Roll.
I think this card means this deck will help me see my situations more clearly, so I can make better decisions about getting out when I can. I am prone to either holding on til it bleeds and then some, or cutting early because I think I smell blood in the air- I need to stop letting fear dictate my choices, but I also need to stop letting my emotional attachments get the better of me.

My additions:

7. Any entities: Stop Being Such A Pussy.
(Oh lovely, gendered insults. I may write to the creator, because augh.) I have no idea who this could mean. Based on the tone alone, I could see this as being a decent choice to consult with the Morrigan, or Set.

Bottom of the deck: Horny.
Have fun, be safe, and don’t go looking for commitment. I think I can do that?

All in all, it looks like a pretty decent deck? Gendered insults aside, that is- which I do think I’ll write to the creators about. The deck can be blunt, funny, and even insulting without reinforcing unhealthy crap like that. Otherwise, I’m enjoying the deck’s visual simplicity, which I think goes quite well with the cutting-through-bullshit spirit it has.

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