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Het Seshen is a Kemetic polytheism site by Kiya of Letters from Gehenna and Peaceful Awakenings that, among other things, houses her Fixed Date Calendar, which is a lifesaver for Kemetic pagans who don’t want to calculate the year every year for their location.

HMEPA, the Hellenic Month Established Per Athens, is the Attic calendar combined with the modern Gregorian calendar, for Hellenicly inclined pagans. The current date is within the 698th Olympiad, which runs until late June 2017. I don’t use a strictly Attic calendar in my practice, but it’s very useful for double checking information.

Seeking: First Steps & Tools is a site for beginners interested in paganism that has lots of resources and advice, by Jenett of Thoughts from a Threshold.

The Spoon Theory is basically the best explanation for anyone who has to think about how they allot their energy, attention, and/or physical activity on a given day. The writer created the metaphor to explain Lupus, but it is widely applicable to people who suffer from all sort of chronic issues.

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