Well, it’s been a day over six months since I last updated here. The radio silence wasn’t intentional; I’ve been doing a lot of self-work in therapy, and just haven’t had the spoons for coherency. (And honestly, being so out of practice, who knows if I’ll manage coherency here! I’ll give it a shot, at any rate.)

I thought I’d do a quick entry on what my religious calendar looks like for the month. Several of my friends blog or have blogged about what they’re doing for a particular holiday, but I don’t have that much practice under my belt, honestly. My holiday observance has been sporadic for, oh, forever. So I thought I’d look at what’s actually going on this month, and what I might do to celebrate.

First up is Heb Netjeru/Wep Renpet, from August 7th-11th. Heb Netjeru is sort of my version of the Days Upon the Year; my personal pantheon is specifically defined, and the only god amongst Nut’s children that I work with is Set. Making offerings to his siblings, who I have no relationship with, just feels strange- likewise, not making offerings to the other Kemetic deities I work with during that time feels strange. So, I adjust. This is a perk of not being a recon. Wep Renpet is essentially the Kemetic new year, calculated by the rising of Sirius. I calculate annually based off of my location, so for me it falls on the 11th. (The dates of all my other traditional Kemetic holidays are determined by the date of Wep Renpet; I simplify the nightmare that is Kemetic calendar navigation by placing dates per the fixed civil calendar, unless the holiday specifically mentions a lunar phase.) As for celebrating them- I’ll be making individual offerings on each of the days of Heb Netjer, doing some shrine cleaning/setting up, and brainstorming on the mask project. For Wep Renpet, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do, aside from making bread. To be honest, I intend to mine some Kemetic friends’ blogs and see what they do! In any case, it will likely be low-key, because it’s me and that’s how I do things.

On the 15th is Féile Lugh. This holiday has moved around a bit through the month. (Each month of the calendar is dedicated to one of the Twelve, and one day of the month is a holiday for them in general, as opposed to celebrating/marking a particular event or aspect of them.) I’ve tried it at the beginning of the month and at the end, and both at the same time, and haven’t liked it. At the beginning felt too rushed, and I always felt unprepared; at the end felt half-assed and belated. Both just gave me a headache. So I’m trying for the middle. I expect to celebrate by starting a batch of mead, trying out a beer bread recipe I’ve had kicking around for a bit, and doing some creative endeavors. (Harp or language oriented, I expect, but we’ll see.) Also going for a decent walk, and crossing my fingers for some rain.

The Wag Festival is the 28th for me (beginning on the eve prior) which is a Kemetic festival for the dead. I’ll be cleaning my Beloved/Forgotten Dead shrines on the eve and lighting candles, and then making some offerings during the day. I’m thinking paper flower garlands- I may try my hand at origami, but may also just give in and play with construction paper- and probably bread or cake. I may also try my hand at some paper boats. Oh, and family tree stuff; I’ve been planing to do some writing out of my genealogy for my BD shrine, and I’ll poke at my family tree on and do some work there, as one does.

Djehutet (as I keep seeing it spelled; it’s a Feast of Djehuty) took place the day following Wagy, but from what I’ve seen did not take place every year? (The fun of fixed civil and wandering lunar calendars with the same month names.) I’ve got it on the calendar for the 29th but I don’t really know what it’s about, so much, which makes it a touch difficult to mark properly. Same for the Procession of Nit on the 22nd (I honor Nit syncretized with Seshat). I’ll do some divination, I expect, and see if I get any thoughts/ideas/out-of-my-head inclinations.

Aside from that, I have Beloved Dead days on the 20th and 29th, which just involves some prayer and libations to the ancestors in question; and also an appropriate activity, but two of the four I didn’t know in life, and I’m still not sure what to do. My default is family tree stuff, so that’s pretty likely.

Looks like a manageable month? I guess we’ll see.