TV/Movie Oracle Project

TV/Movie Oracle Project

I feel like I have been working on this behemoth forever. I had a lightbulb the night before last, and then hit a wall last night, and then relit the lightbulb this morning, so I’m diving back in.

I made intermittent posts about this project on my old blog, but I haven’t done much work on it in the last year, so to recap: the deck is based on the characters of my favorite live action tv shows and movies. Not every favorite: the ones that I never flip by when I’m channel surfing, the ones whose dialogue I mumble along to as I watch, the ones that give me a stupid grin and make me laugh and tear up at the same spots every single time no matter how many times I watch them, the ones I pause when I go refill my drink even though I know every moment by heart.

The original composition of the cards was that each card had a name, with two appropriate characters from the same story. They weren’t necessarily opposites in a standard/reversed tarot meaning sort of way; just two distinct facets. Unfortunately, this led to a really high quantity of cards well before I hit the halfway mark. And this is with major characters, and the minor characters that are either essential to the narrative or that reveal a lot about the major characters even if they don’t reveal much about themselves. The unwieldy list of cards was the reason my enthusiasm started to wane in the first place- I felt like it was getting so large as to be unusable, but I couldn’t find a place to cut.

The resolved lightbulb version is that these two character named cards will remain; they will be paired up with a second named card from a different story. Some cards may have two opposing meanings; some may just be different expressions of the same core concept. I’m not likely to start pairing them off until I feel closer to done, maybe the three-quarter mark, which will hopefully help me spot any holes or oversights that I can fix with the remaining quarter.

I’m going to keep a running list of the card ‘halves’ here; hopefully blogging about it will encourage me not to let the project fall to the wayside again. I’ve got too many projects waiting for my attention- I need to get some crossed off the list!

The List (41)
Ambition: Exley/Vincennes [LA Confidential]
Autonomy: Caroline/Priya [Dollhouse]
Belonging: Bob/Ricky [Fight Club]
Calling: Ardeth/Evie [The Mummy]
Change: Bourne/Marie [The Bourne trilogy]
Choices: Landy/Vosen [The Bourne trilogy]
Comrades: Nandi/Tracey [Firefly/Serenity]
Connections: Badger/Mr. Universe [Firefly/Serenity]
Conscience: Neski/Wombosi [The Bourne trilogy]
Consequences: Nolan/Topher [Dollhouse]
Contentment: Lindsey/Max [Lucky Number Slevin]
Control: Adelle/Dominic [Dollhouse]
Cowardice: Anck-Su-Namun/Beni [The Mummy]
Death: the Operative/Reaver [Firefly/Serenity]
Debts: Brikowski/Nick [Lucky Number Slevin]
Deception: Kepler/Mellie [Dollhouse]
Depravity: Hudgens/Stensland [LA Confidential]
Devotion: Imhotep/Rick [The Mummy]
Faith: Book/Mal [Firefly/Serenity]
Fraud: Jack/Marla [Fight Club]
Greed: Jayne/Saffron [Firefly/Serenity]
Guile: Dudley/Patchett [LA Confidential]
Home: Inara/Kaylee [Firefly/Serenity]
Hysteria: Mrs. Peacock/Yvette [Clue]
Jealousy: Angel Face/Tyler [Fight Club]
Loyalty: Simon/Zoe [Firefly/Serenity]
Manipulation: Bennett/Clyde [Dollhouse]
Observation: Col. Mustard/Prof. Plum [Clue]
Obsession: Alpha/Ballard [Dollhouse]
Patience: Rory/Reinette [Doctor Who]
Pawn: Danny/Nicky [The Bourne trilogy]
Power: Abbott/Conklin [The Bourne trilogy]
Principles: Goodkat/the Rabbi [Lucky Number Slevin]
Retribution: the Boss/Slevin [Lucky Number Slevin]
Scandal: Miss Scarlet/Mrs. White [Clue]
Scars: Anthony/Claire [Dollhouse]
Scheme: Alex/Jonathan [The Mummy]
Sham: Mr. Green/Wadsworth [Clue]
Sincerity: Bud/Lynn [LA Confidential]
Stars: River/Wash [Firefly/Serenity]
Trust: Boyd/Echo [Dollhouse]

Clearly I need to stay away from names starting with C for a while!

Next on the list is Doctor Who and Torchwood. I’ve got one already- Patience- and looking at my notes I have somewhere between another 15 to 20 cards from the two shows. I’m not going to do a full rewatch marathon, but I’ll probably watch two or three of my favorite episodes from each season and then get cracking. Hopefully I’ll have some progress to show by next month!